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Wellness Magick

Wellness Magick

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This is the first class in a series where we will be developing a magickal wellness practice through quieting the mind, strengthening and trusting the intuitive voice, cultivating a deepened ability to be intentional in all aspects of one's life, a increased ability to articulate wants/needs/desires, learning techniques for self-transformation/healing, and ritual construct so that we can intentionally communicate with the specific archetypes present within us and the universe around.  

Each session is unique, catering to the needs of the people who are present for the class, thus the content of each class will vary slightly. Designed to accommodate complete beginners and seasoned practitioners alike.  

Each class will be 2 - 2.5 hours. 


As of now the classes are in person only and take place upstairs around the corner from 4 Sisters Holistic Remedies in Renton, WA. Located around the side of the building at 306 Wells Ave S, Renton, WA Suite E.


These classes will discuss and establish:

A Wellness Practice That is Unique to You: Everyone is different and there is no 'one practice fits all' approach to healing and wellness. Through developing an ability to listen and trust one's inner voice and intuition, a unique intentional wellness practice can be established that is ever evolving just like you.

Our Dreams | Desires | Needs: In a world with unfathomable possibility, deciding what singular goal, want, or need to pursue can feel overwhelming and daunting. This class will provide you with tools to unearth, intimately understand, and isolate your desires such that you can lay forth a path that is easier to navigate, enchant, and actualize. 

Our Beliefs: as we explore our wants, goals, or specific works of healing, we examine what beliefs we hold about ourselves that block us from reaching these potentials. Magickal and mundane methods for altering your beliefs and your reality are presented.

Crafting Sigils | Candle Magick | Ancestor, Planetary, Elemental, Spirit Work: The groundwork will be laid for safe magickal workings aimed specifically at wellness but these practices can be used for any number of applications. Each student can choose which aspect of the universe they wish to reach out to (if at all).

Cleansing | Grounding | Protection | Balancing: Here we will explore a variety of methods and you will pick what resonates with you as these are foundational elements to any magickal wellness praxis. 

Casting Circles & Opening the Gates: Every circle you cast for the rest of your life can have a different purpose than the last if you so choose. We will discuss the purposes of traditional circles though out history, the emergence of more welcoming circles within contemporary practices, and help you craft your own circle that resonates with your personal path. 

Ritual Space and Ritual Construct: By curating one's environment, incorporating magickal tools, correspondences, and implementing specific visualizations within one's sacred space, we can begin to articulate to the universe that which we aim to actualize.

A Safe Environment | Sense of Community: Without a sense of safety healing work is near impossible. These classes will be ongoing, evolving, and guided by the attendees and the host alike. A wide variety of techniques, practices, and approaches are explored that are not dependent on any one religion, belief structure, or spiritual path except for that of your own intuition and inner voice. All are welcome. 


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