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Death Doula Oracle Cards

Death Doula Oracle Cards

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The Death Doula Oracle has been influenced by the teachings of a variety of spiritual & mental health practices, incorporating the art of astrology, spiritual alchemy, & contemplative mysticism into the culture within the cards.

The Death Doula Oracle Cards are designed to promote mystical, awe inspiring & spiritual experiences, giving its' readers the tools to live a fulfilling life and in turn a peaceful death. For any stage of one's life, guiding the reader down a path of healing, wellness, self-discovery & rebirth.

This deck becomes your personal doula and guide, gently aiding your spiritual unfoldment, revealing your truest self while giving you the tools to live and die with grace. Includes 56 cards with gold edges, instruction book of rituals, practices, meditations & more, all aimed at getting you further in touch with your creativity, intuition, & inner tranquility.

In the back of the booklet there is an additional section that approaches the conversation of mortality more directly. We worked with death doulas from around the country to help synthesize the information in this little section of the booklet in hopes to offer tools to those who wish to approach the topic of mortality with grace.

Similar to a tarot deck, an oracle deck is a collection of cards that provide guidance and perspective on our lived experience. But while tarot decks tend to follow a specific structure — oracle decks can be more loose and interpretive.

This deck is designed to enrich the life of its reader at any stage of their journey, deepening their connection to the infinite through promoting a life worth living.

For those beginning their spiritual journey, or those who wish to maintain alignment with their innate divine spark, this deck is for you.

This oracle deck is as hands on as the reader chooses. Each card is accompanied by a thought provoking prompt and an optional exercise that promotes healing, growth, and knowledge of self. The book is beginner friendly, leaving a trail of esoteric bread crumbs for anyone to follow as far as their curiosity and thirst for self-knowledge will allow.

The Death Doula Oracle deck is meant to aid its reader in their own death and rebirth process (that is ever unfolding and repeating) through engaging the subconscious, captivating the imagination and facilitating spiritual/mystical experiences at the readers own pace.

This deck is intended for anyone at any stage of their spiritual development with the intent to enrich the rest of their life with hands on mystical experiences brought about by use of the deck.

All of the photography on the cards is shot on 35mm film, using double and triple exposure techniques, captured and created in the camera without photoshop. Each photo is highly intentional and the artist often considers the images little talismans constructed within the camera.

For those looking to enrich their spiritual practices and encourage an awakening within themselves, this deck is designed for you.

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Customer Reviews

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beyond what I could've imagined

I've been sitting on this review since I got the deck because I was honestly so blown away that I was at a lost for words. The booklet is so carefully crafted and reflects a depth of research into a breadth of spiritual practices - that was such a pleasant surprise as I try to practice having a very discerning eye about the tools that I acquire and practice with. I've been wanting to be very intentional about my work with this deck as I had been eyeing it for months before I decided to finally purchase it for myself and almost immediately after receiving it, I bought one for a close friend of mine because I saw so much value in the tools offered with this deck and plan on gifting another dear friend of mine one! There's so much depth to the images on each card that I can honestly only take in so much at once - there's so much to digest and sit with! I'm really looking forward to the relationship that I form with this deck and am so excited to continue to dive deeper in the work that this deck provides tools for.

Nicole Bergen
Beautiful, intriguing

I haven’t used it much yet but it’s very well-made and fascinating.


It didn't come yet.

Kimberly Joyce
Lessons From the Perspective of Death

I have used oracle cards for several years. This deck is not one I normally would have chosen. I prefer slick to a matte finish. I also prefer paintings or drawings to photographs. I ultimately decided to purchase the deck for the exercises in the back of the book. However, I have been ultimately and happily surprised with the deck itself! I felt a connection with it right away. It almost answers my questions before I can ask them, LOL. Not only do I find meaning in what has been written in the book for each card, but can Intuit my own interpretations as well which seem spot on. I especially love looking at the responses from a more grounded and darker aspect of self than many Oracle decks provide. Let's face it, we do not want to be stuck in the dark, but, not all days are love and light either. The deck highlights the lessons of the dark while at the same time letting the reader know that it is okay to be in the spot but prompting them as to how they can move on. The only downside for me is that the cards are a little big . I have small hands and so even a side shuffle is difficult and a little cumbersome to maneuver . All in all , this deck gets an A+++ from me and is becoming one of my go-to decks. Thank you for its thoughtful presentation and creativity!


Amazing photography deck. Sublime.